We believe that everyone should have access to a workspace that is local, affordable and easy to find. Existing, underutilized workspaces should be able to be used by anyone, returning the landlord a fair value for the space being used.

Working from home is a great option for many who have the space and resources to do so. For many though it is not ideal. Distractions, not having a defined workspace, and a blurring of the work/life boundary all make combine to make working from a poor lifestyle option.

Welcome to Coworking Mate. Instead of going to a crowded work space, having to deal with crowds and weird social distancing guidelines, our hosts provide small scale, clean and friendly spaces for our legendary space users.

By staying local, our space users support our communities and have the chance to meet some amazing people. Our hosts are full of stories and always will to help out if you need to be kept accountable while working remotely.

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Using a workspace out of the comfort of your own home increases productivity, reduces procrastination and makes work far more enjoyable. Our unique, public work spaces are designed to keep you motivated and on track when work needs to get done! Check out our awesome spaces today!

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